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The Thoughts of Chairman WOW!

Je ponce, donc je suis

18 February 1980
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David Sylvian is Blond South London Prettyboy Love


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Date Created:2006-18-02
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Lyle 2.0 (Industrial Edition) Second generation New Romantic. Electroclash compatible. Dreams of wires and wireless internet. Subtitling, music and gaming functions.
Strengths: Advanced spelling and grammar. Multiple language models. Extensive information database on wildlife and 80's pop music. Excellent sound quality. Stylish, modern design.
Weaknesses: The following malfunctions have been reported in a small number of cases: frequent unexplained freezes and crashes, electric shocks, incompatibility with many commercially available devices.
Special Skills: In-built digital synthesizer. Man-machine interface with gender override. AlmostHuman™ social interaction software for nightclub environments.
Weapons: Unauthorised user blocking mechanism. Electronic surveillance feature. Nuclear capability.
WARNING: Don't fiddle with it, it's not a toy.

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