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03 April 2012 @ 03:26 pm
I found time to squeeze a video for A Terrible Splendour into my tight schedule of complaining, eating Euro chocolate and crouching in corners hissing. It is inspired by the film 'Victim' starring Dirk Bogarde. Hope you like.

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07 August 2011 @ 02:25 am
All this, five minutes away from my old flat in Tottenham! Just as well I sold it last year. The estate where it all started, the Broadwater Farm, was a short walk up the road from where I lived. I liked the modern ziggurat buildings there and it always seemed very quiet. Almost too quiet actually, like a sleeping tiger that would probably be in a bad mood once it woke up. Looks like the police prodded it again.

I thought things would go downhill in the 'nham after the Tories got in but I didn't expect it to happen so quickly. All this has a very 80's flavour to it I have to say. A policeman was hacked to death on "The Farm" during riots in that decade. I never felt unsafe living there but I always wished the government would invest more money in the area to drag it out of the doldrums. Money has recently been lavished on the deprived and no less horrid parts of East London, but any boroughs not connected with the Olympics have been completely ignored.
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08 July 2011 @ 10:21 am

Look through the photo gallery using the left and right arrow buttons and the bottom of the screen, and you will see why I now quite want to go and live in Cergy-Pontoise.
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In response to popular demand, here is the picture on the card I received from Mr Duckworth at Christmas:


My synthesizer! Let me showz you it!
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I had a largely good weekend, during which I received a visit from Jack, who was keen to escape the drilling and dizzying paint fumes in his office in London for a few days. On Friday we went on the train to Topsham, to do a circular walk from that station down into the town, along the waterfront and round past the bird hide. The weather was drizzly but not too cold, and it turned out to be quite a lovely day in other ways. We went to a charity shop where I scored Wild Boy, Andy Taylor's autobiography, for just £1.50. Then we went to a big antiques centre on the quay. It was three storeys tall and full of interesting items, many of which were not too dear. I couldn't resist buying a large white stuffed cat with a grave expression, which I saw sitting in a little wooden toy cart. He is 17 years old and oddly lifelike. I have called him Hilary.

I was keen to show Jack the wigeons and other waterfowl I had spotted the other day with Mrs Lyle. Upon entering the bird hide, we were surprised to find the BBC Autumnwatch crew inside! They were filming the arrival of avocets from Holland. They were all very nice and let us look through their telescopes, which was awesome as I was able to see not only the smart black and white avocets, but also lapwings, curlews, wigeons and egrets up really close! Apparently the programme is airing on BBC2 this Thursday so I will have a look at that.

After all that excitement we needed a drink, so we went to the Lighter Inn by the quay and enjoyed some sandwiches, crisps, cider and ale. By the time we got back it was dark and throwing it down with rain, so we had a cosy evening in watching films. No attempts were made during the weekend to sample Exeter's nightlife, as I couldn't see anything going on (except for an 80s new wave night at the Cavern that I didn't see until it was too late).

On Saturday Mrs Lyle was enlisted to take us to Budleigh beach, where we went round the charity shops and bought quite a few items, including some small shot glasses and a sake set. We then walked along the windswept beach and had a cream tea at a place called Tea and Tittle Tattle that felt like a middle-aged lady's front room. The scones were clearly home-made and were delicious, with a crumbly, cakey texture. There was also plenty of cream, which isn't always the case in these places.

On Sunday we went on the train to Dawlish, where we harrassed for bits of pasty by the most aggressive seagulls I have ever met. I threw bread for the black swans and even fed some lovely Muscovy ducks by hand. Jack stood and watched at a safe distance. What nice birds they are, the way they amble along looking stately and slightly disapproving with their bright red wattles is quite engaging. The walk along the pier was quite exhilarating, dodging the waves crashing over the sea wall. I'd have liked to have stayed longer but the weather was just so cold, and it was nice to go home and eat Quorn cottage pie and then apple pie and cream (2 pies in one meal! Score!).

Today Jack went back to London and I worked on a translation all about tea and project management. I do not like the project management jargon but the descriptions of tea are nice.
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21 October 2010 @ 04:59 pm
If anyone is interested in hearing a radio show on Resonance FM I took part in, click
for a link to download the programme.

Me and Martin only speak a couple of times as there were quite a few other guests, including a trade unionist and people from a couple of other bands. We were, however, described "visually enthralling" (although I doubt she was referring to me). And we shoe-horned a mention of Ronny in there!

The show was hosted by Lizzie Woods, who used to be active in bands and on the club scene when I first moved to London and now is quite involved with union activity. She has also been working with Dave Ball apparently. The gig we are doing on 25th at Barfly is her Union City night, to help the trade unions in their fight against public sector cuts.

I had never been on the radio before and it was all done in a very impromptu manner, with no rehearsals or anything, although we were given an idea of the questions we would get. I quite enjoyed it though.
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The weekend saw me undertake some largely pointless flat viewings. On Friday night I went to look at a room in Brockley only to find the guy was the father of a two-year-old child whose girlfriend was in the process of leaving him, hence his need to rent her room out. The next place I looked at was OK, on the Saturday. It was in a nice modern private block in Dalston, an area that isn't that pleasant in all honesty but is very convenient and near a lot of people I know. The room was a bit small and opened directly onto the living room though.

On Sunday I went to Brockley again but the room in one place was too small, and the other place overlooked a main road and roundabout and, what's more, the flatmate I was said she had pretty already found someone and was waiting for the other flatmate to meet that person to see if she liked her. So that was kind of a waste of time, and I lost my favourite brooch during my fruitless wanderings. It must have fallen off my jacket at some point.

I've decided to concentrate only on North or East London now because it would be easier to get to clubs and back from those places. And it's easier to get there for viewings too! This week I have three lined up. One of the places apparently has a cat and two kittens in residence, so if it's decent and the flatmates are OK, that could swing it! I'm hoping that the places won't have gone by the time I get to see them on Thursday - I can't see them before because I have band practice on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Which brings me to news of A Terrible Splendour's upcoming gig at Dark Mills. I am not expecting it to be well attended as we are opening the band stage at the early time of 11.20 am. The festival goes on for two days over the weekend of 4th and 5th, and although quite a lot of the bands aren't to my liking, it does seem to have some interesting highlights, such as screenings of David Bowie's first ever film, and Alien. Apparently there will be talks too, including the guy who did the special effects on Hellraiser, and Barbie Wilde who worked with Tik and Tok and was also a Cenobite in that film (bit of a theme emerging here). If any of you could rouse yourselves out of bed to make me look popular, I'd be most grateful.

At least the weekend also involved a nice dinner at Martin and Anna's - a lovely cheese and onion tart washed down with an obscure French artisan cola called 'Rième Cola' and Wray and Nephew's 63% proof rum from an elderly Jamaican patient of Martin's - and a bit of disco dancing at Bedsitland. I also watched some DVDs including Beat Street, a grittier and in some ways better version of Breakdance featuring Rock Steady Crew, Melle Mel, Afrika Bambataa and a host of less well-known 80s electro/hip-hop types. The dancing and costumes were amazing, better than Breakdance. Jack also gave me homemade Quorn mince chilli and corn bread, and a nice vegetable curry. Sam-Tom, he must eat well, or he will be in a foul temper.
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Best list of everything ever.

1.Adult sloth in a box
2.Armadillo in a bucket
3.Baby sloths in a box
4.Bucket of ducklings
5.Bucket of owlets (baby owls)
6.Golden retriever in a bucket
7.Koala in a bucket
8.Labrador in a bucket
9.Panda cub in a bucket
10.Pug on a Swing!

A couple of the links don't work though. Never mind, here are some more sloths.

I wish I could drop everything and go and volunteer at the Aviaros Sloth Sanctuary. I would have to pay 30 dollars a day and probably spend a lot of time sweeping, but they would give me my dinner and let me handle sloths.
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28 May 2010 @ 11:44 am
Hours of fun. Just keep clicking the screen, and make sure you put the sound on.
I've had a strange few weeks, without much paid work but a general feeling of having rather a lot to do. Over the past week or so my mind has been doing its weird thing of dredging up old stuff from the depths of my beleaguered psyche to fret about, now that the practical stresses of the driving test and house move are over. Nature abhors a vacuum, as Tea Hen says. I've also had some wranglings with the unsatisfactory doctors at my local surgery.

However I've managed to force myself to look outwards a bit and had some fun times, with a nice 80's prom-themed birthday party thrown by Sarah's flatmate Zara at Lati Ri in Shoreditch (where they hold Reeperbahn). Most of Zara's mates seem to be DJs so there were some fine sounds, including Bitter Heart by Ricky Gervais' old band Seona Dancing! The song that pulled the most glitterati to the dancefloor was Sussudio by Phil Collins, oddly. I suppose a top tune trumps coolness even in those circles.

A lot of people upheld the dress code, so I was glad Jack and I had gone to the thrift store in Bethnal Green earlier in the day to pick up some suitable items. I'd never been there before but was impressed by its vast wealth of 80s clothes at unusually reasonable prices for that area. I guided Jack in the purchase of not one but two fruity shirts (I suppose they are technically blouses but gender is for stupid people anyway). One is lilac satin with a rose pattern and a pussy bow, Revolution-era Prince stylee, and the other is dark purple with a pin tuck front and slightly puffy sleeves. I myself got a pussy bow shirt too, which is lilac/blue chiffon with a blue and green feather pattern. (I'm going to wear it to the John Waters-themed New Year's Eve party we're going to.) All the items are 100% polyester, obviously.

We later repaired to Maison Ponce to drink vodka and do our make-up, and also, in my case, unscrew the smoke alarm from the ceiling and stamp it to death, to Jack's great amusement. It has been very annoying recently, emitting squeaks for no reason. The battery said "non-removable" on it so I just had to remove the whole thing. It screamed hysterically as I finished it off, but I eventually defeated it.

Yesterday and today I've been making a lot of cards, wrapping presents and consuming ice-topped mince pies and gin. I also made three batches of flapjacks, using vegan margarine as the pot luck Christmas dinner I'm going to will involve a lot of vegetarians and vegans. The first batch was made using a BBC recipe and was a disaster as it stuck to the pan and the mixture was rather dry and crumbly. So I found another recipe from some obscure vegan website and it was much better - probably because Lyle's Golden Syrup was involved, adding much-needed moisture and deliciousness. I improvised a bit, adding cranberries, almonds and cinnamon for a festive twist.

Later Sarah came round to give me my presents, which turned out to be a Miami Vice poster and a signed photograph of Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett! He is pointing at the camera and everything! I'm going to have them framed.

Happy Christmas everybody!
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